The Birth of a Revolution: Introducing the Compact Disc | A Nostalgic Journey to the 80s

In this video, the presenter introduces the Compact Disc, a revolutionary technology that was introduced in 1982. The video takes the viewer on a nostalgic journey, showcasing the development and launch of the compact disc and its impact on the music industry.

The presenter starts by explaining the limitations of vinyl records, which were the primary medium for music distribution before the introduction of the compact disc. The video then demonstrates how compact discs work, highlighting their durability, portability, and superior sound quality compared to vinyl records.

The presenter explains the technical aspects of compact discs, such as the use of laser technology to read the data encoded on the disc. The video also showcases various types of compact discs, including audio CDs and CD-ROMs, and their usage in various industries such as music, movies, and data storage.

The video is a fascinating insight into the evolution of music technology and serves as a reminder of how far we have come in terms of audio quality and accessibility. It showcases the ingenuity and creativity of early inventors and the impact their inventions have had on society.

Overall, the video is an informative and engaging exploration of the history of the compact disc and its contribution to the music industry and beyond. It appeals to those interested in the evolution of technology and those nostalgic for the early days of audio technology.

When the first compact discs arrived on the Australian market in 1983, they ranged in price from $900-$1800. The price didn’t hold back the rapid adoption of the technology.Subscribe to ABC Science YouTube 2000 debuted on the ABC in 1981. It was a half-hour program showcasing developments and inventions in science and technology. One of the early highlights was this report about the imminent arrival of the next big thing in home entertainment – the compact disc. This technology was considered so exciting that three of the show’s presenters, Sonia Humphrey, Iain Finlay and Jeff Watson combined to tell the story.  It’s worth watching just to see them in their 1982 sartorial elegance, but it’s also a treat to hear the use of words such as “radiogram”, and “gramophone”, and “micro-groove long-playing record”  which you don’t hear so much anymore…The compact disc was popular in its heyday. But as Sonia put it in her closing remarks, there was an even better technology on the horizon.   “The Compact Disc may well rule the roost – at least until someone perfects a method of putting Beethoven’s 9th on a silicon chip. Don’t laugh, I’m assured that that day, in fact, is not too far off…..” This is an official Australian Broadcasting Corporation YouTube channel. ********Contributions may be removed if they violate ABC’s Online Conditions of Use (Section 3).

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Written by Fariha Akhter

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