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The Human Skin Gloves Of Ed Gein

The murders of Ed Gein in the mid-1950s were so shockingly macabre that they inspired everything from The Chainsaw Massacre to Psycho. The Plainfield,...

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The Sickening Human Experiments Of Unit 731

Pictured is a suffering victim of the Imperial Japanese Army, which conducted scores of sickening human experiments like this one on Chinese prisoners between...

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The Mouth Of A Leatherback Sea Turtle

Though it may look like something out of an alien movie, this is actually the mouth of a leatherback sea turtle. The largest turtle...

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The Two-Headed Dog Of Dr. Vladimir Demikhov

The epitome of a mad scientist, Soviet doctor Vladimir Demikhov created the world's first two-headed dog in 1954. Seen here is a German Shepherd...

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The Last Portrait Of The Lawson Family

While it appears to be a normal family portrait, this snapshot was taken mere days before patriarch Charlie Lawson (the man standing second from...

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