ABA Technology: Safeguarding Health, Environment in Morocco

This conference signifies Morocco’s leadership in technology and reflects the vision of HM King Mohammed VI, who swiftly coordinated efforts, including those of the state, to stabilize the situation and demonstrate Morocco’s sovereignty in various aspects. In just two weeks after the earthquake, Morocco showed its resilience, and this congress illustrates Marrakech’s determination to continue economic activities and recover quickly.

ABA Technology, a Moroccan industrial and technological group, aligns perfectly with the vision of industrial and health sovereignty. The company offers comprehensive solutions, from engineering to product delivery, from its factories in Bouskura. ABA Technology focuses on three main areas:

  1. Health: ABA Technology locally manufactures telemedicine solutions and medical cases with connected consulting devices. Their range includes various connected medical devices like blood pressure monitors, thermometers, and ultrasound equipment, which are exported to countries like Saudi Arabia and the Pacific.

  2. Smart City: ABA Technology is involved in managing smart cities and produces smart cameras, air quality sensors, and water quality monitoring devices. They also use drones to prevent environmental risks and ensure public safety. During the COVID-19 pandemic, they played a crucial role in monitoring vaccine cold chains by installing temperature sensors in over 4,000 health centers.

  3. Industry 4.0: The company works with industrial firms in North Africa and Europe, providing solutions like vibration sensors for machinery and energy monitoring systems. These solutions enhance productivity, resilience, competitiveness, and sustainability in factories.

ABA Technology operates in Morocco, Spain, France, and China, exporting products primarily in the three aforementioned areas: healthcare, environmental and safety solutions, and industrial solutions. Morocco is now focusing on a new economic model based on the principles of the new industrial era, aligning with HM the King’s vision to drive industrial development in the country.

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Written by Afrosa Niha

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