The biggest horse in the world, 1928

Brooklyn Supreme, a Belgian draft horse owned by the famous actor and comedian Chubby Johnson, was the largest horse in the world in 1928.

He stood at 19.2 hands tall and weighed around 3,200 pounds.

Despite his massive size and strength, Brooklyn Supreme was known for his gentle and friendly temperament, and was often used for heavy hauling and pulling competitions.

10 Facts:

  1. Brooklyn Supreme was a Belgian draft horse, which is a breed known for its immense size and strength.
  2. He was born in 1928 and stood at 19.2 hands tall, which is equivalent to 6 feet, 4 inches.
  3. At his heaviest, he weighed around 3,200 pounds.
  4. Brooklyn Supreme was owned by Chubby Johnson, a famous actor and comedian of the time.
  5. Despite his enormous size and strength, Brooklyn Supreme was said to have a gentle and friendly temperament.
  6. He was often used for heavy hauling and pulling competitions, where his immense strength was put to the test.
  7. Brooklyn Supreme was known for his impressive feats of strength, such as pulling a 25-ton steamroller and a load of 48 people.
  8. He was so large that he required a custom-made harness, which was specially designed to fit his massive frame.
  9. Brooklyn Supreme was featured in the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, where he was a crowd favorite.
  10. After his death in 1948, Brooklyn Supreme was stuffed and put on display at the Oklahoma Historical Society, where he remains today as a testament to his enormous size and strength.

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Written by Fariha Akhter

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